Sportsmetrics ™ Certified Therapy

Sportsmetrics ™ Certified Therapy

Sportsmetrics™ is a national ACL injury prevention program to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes, although all athletes can benefit from the program.

Females athletes are 2-8 times more likely than males to have a knee ligament injury. An injury like this can mean 6-12 months of treatment, lost playing time, and risk of losing an athletic scholarship.

Our physical therapists are Sportsmetrics™ certified, and can help you reduce the risk of ACL injury while improving vertical jump, running speed and agility.

First, you'll be evaluated in a number of areas including strength, function and flexiblity. That evaluation will be used to create a special training and exercise progam tailored to you to correct any weak areas identified.

We are now offering the six-week Sportsmetrics™ program in the summer at Lincoln East High School.

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