Computerized Video Running Analysis

Computerized Video Running Analysis

Do you want to be a faster and more efficient runner while also decreasing your risk of injury or reinjury?

Of the estimated 75 million runners in the United States, 10.5 million of which run an average of 100 days or more per year*,  37-56% will suffer a running-related injury. Of these injuries, 50-70% will be overuse of the muscoskeletal systems. Researchers estimate that up to 70% of injuries are likely to reoccur. **

Our Computerized Video Running Analysis is geared toward both injured and non-injured runners. Runners experiencing any type of pain while running or runners looking to assess the efficiency of their running gait can benefit from the analysis.

At Proformance Physical Therapy, we utilize computerized video analysis from Dartfish to help runners make improvements in running form, prevent injury or reinjury, and to increase speed and efficiency. This program incorporates a single camera system that can capture video images from different angles.

Our Video Running Analysis Package includes:

  • Injury and exercise history
  • Muscle strength and joint assessment
  • Foot and running shoe assessment
  • Postural analysis
  • Computerized walking and running video analysis
  • Meeting with physical therapist for recommendations and/or exercise program implementation


Non-Insurance: $225 for 2 sessions; $75 for each additional session
Insurance: We do not submit this service to insurance.

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