About Us

About Us

All physical therapy clinics are not the same. They are not all equal.

What you will notice at your first visit at Proformance Physical Therapy is an unequalled devotion to making your overall physical therapy experience a world-class one. You will notice a level of costumer service that you haven’t experienced at any other medically based facility. You will see physical therapists that will go “the extra mile” to ensure that you have the absolute best chance of recovery and reaching the goals that you have set. You will notice front office staff that will greet you with a smile and will make all administrative/insurance processes run as seamless as possible. To make your physical therapy experience a success, it requires a complete team effort and you, as the patient, are the most important part of that team. We will all work closely together to make sure you get the results you want…AND you may have fun in the process.

We enjoy changing perceptions.

If you have had a past experience with physical therapy that did not meet your expectations, we want the opportunity to work with you! We are confident that you will have a different perception of the value of physical therapy at Proformance following your experience here. We recognize there is no “one-size-fits all” approach to treatment and each patient and situation is unique.

We also love a challenge.

If you currently have a complex musculoskeletal injury/surgery/medical condition, we want to be your partner throughout your recovery! In all instances, we will be honest and forthcoming with you regarding your expected level of recovery. We will also inform you if physical therapy will be beneficial in your specific case. In almost all cases, it will be. We will work with your physicians closely and will stay in close communication with them to best serve you. Bottom line…we care about our patients and will treat them as family.

Our goal is to meet (or exceed) your therapy goals and put you on track to live a life without limitations , all while enjoying your experience here.